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High Profit Margin Products

LX-033 IP67 Industrial Plug

LX0152 IP67 Industrial Plug

LX-014L IP44 Industrial Plug

Industrial Socket

LX1132-4 IP67 Industrial Socket

LX534 IP67 Industrial Socket

LX-113N IP44 Industrial Socket

Pin and Sleeve Connector

LX-215 IP44 Pin and Sleeve Connector

LX2132-4 IP67 Pin And Sleeve Connector

LX2332 IP67 Pin And Sleeve Connector

Panel Mounted Industrial Socket

Utensil Socket

Industrial Multiple Socket



N.I.U ELECTRIC GROUP CO.LTD is a manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets, and pin and sleeve connectors.

The base materials are CYLON6, which provides good features for the products, such as good insulation, resistance against most chemicals and salt water, extremely cold-proof, and almost unbreakable. For the advanced design, they are suitable to be used in special environments, where IP44 or IP67 protection degree is required.

Why Choose Our Sockets And Plugs

N.I.U. takes product quality very seriously above everything else. That is why all of our products can pass the top strict test in this industry.


Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to providing high quality services and products that meet or exceed requirements and to continuously improve quality.


Strong ODM & OEM Ability

Quick turn custom solutions are our specialty, with some custom solutions available as fast as 1 week.


Cost Savings

Our products are easy-to-use and lower cost than competitive solutions by enabling automation and six sigma/lean principles in every department.


High Performance

The relative tempeture of Our products is-25℃~40℃. With no corrosive and exploding gas and condictive dust.

Applications & Certifications

Our products are used in a wide variety of industries including the manufacture of iron and steel, the petrochemical industry, power, electric, railway, building, airport, mine, stope, ports, markets, hotels, and so on.

The industrial and special plugs and sockets are manufactured according to the specifications of the international standard IEC60309-1 & IEC60309-2, CEIEN60309-1 & CEIEN60309-2. You can expect quality products from us that will meet your requirements 100%.

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